Travelling Manicure Set "Petit Holly"


Travelling Manicure Set With Flap Closure

color :


The Manicure Set "Petit Holly" is inspired by the 1960s classic "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and brings elegance and style into a pocketable travelling set. The stainless steel scissor, file, nail clipper and tweezer are wrapped in a full grain leather case.


Colours: Blue, Mustard, Brown, Red, Light Green, Green

Stainless Steel Scissor

Stainless Steel File

Stainless Steel Nail Clipper 

Stainless Steel Tweezer

Made in Germany

Leather Enclosure Made in Italy

Fabric and care

Stainless Steel 



Height: 1,5 cm

Lenght: 10 cm

Width: 5 cm

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