Travel Watch Roll "Grand Guilloché"


Foldable Leather Travel 5-Watch Roll
Color :


The travel watch roll "Grand Guilloché" is named after the engine-turn technique in watchmaking, which can only be mastered by the world's most skilled watch artisans. The "Grand Guilloché" is made of the finest Italian full-grain leather and can hold up to five watches, which are securely fitted by five leather rings and extra protected through a double-layered leather flap when closed. The "Grand Guilloché" ensures that your precious timepieces can safely globetrot with you around the world.


Colours: Turquoise, Blue, Azure, Green, Red, Orange

Embossed Larusmiani Emblem

Five Watch Slots

Made in Italy

Materials and care

100% Leather


Height: 33 cm

Width: 18 cm

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