Table Knives "Bœufs Blancs"


Set of 6 Table Knives With Ox Horn Handles


The table knife set "Bœufs Blancs" is inspired by a herd of oxen, majestically marching Patagonia's breathtaking tundra. Each table knife is equipped with a beautifully handmade white oxhorn handle and is made of high-grade stainless steel. The finishing on each table knife varies due to its handmade production, giving the set a beautifully unique and individual look that oozes sophistication and elegance. The "Bœufs Blancs" are kept in a bespoke box and will enrich every dinner table. 


Stamped logo on the blades

Ox Horn Handles

Bespoke Box

Made in Italy

Materials and care

Stainless Steel

Ox Horn


Blade length: 10.5 cm

Blade width: 1.8 cm

Handle length: 12 cm

Handle width: 1.5 cm

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