Support for Knives "Bartolomeo"


Support for Knives


Support for knives in wengé. It includes 8 kitchen knives and a two-pointed kitchen tweezer. The handles are made in wengé, an highly resistant and very precious wood with its natural veins while the blades are in stainless steel embellished with the Larusmiani logo engraved on.

Object of desire for most demanding kitchen lovers, combines a timeless elegance to a great utility and durability over time.

Did you know that?

Bartolomeo Scappi was a famous italian renaissance chef. He served several important people of his time and is considered as a master of the cooking technique even today. Some aspects of his life are still a mistery and most of things we know about him come from his monumental cookbook, the Opera, one of the most complete cookbook of Renaissance. Opera is a sort of culinary treatise where we can find a lot ot cooking techniques, recipes and menus, food preservation, details to prepare banquets and first recipes adapted for the sick an for convalescents together with health-food recipes and first notes on food hygiene.


Support made in wengé wood

Handles made in wengé wood

Blades in stainless steel 

Brass nickel finish Larusmiani logo applied on the support lower side

Made in Italy

Materials and care

Wengé wood

Stainless steel 



Length: 74 cm

Height: 51,5 cm

Thickness: 5,5 cm

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