Support for Knives "Bartolomeo"


Support for Knives


Support for knives in ziricote and ebony macassar wood. It includes 8 kitchen knives with handles in ziricote and ebony wood with blades in Damascus steel. The Damascus processs is a particular technique very ancient that was used in Japan, for example, to manufacture the katana swords. Nowadays, this technique is not only used to have durable and sharp blades but also because they are rellay beautiful and truly unique.

A must-have accessory that will also be a decorative element of great value. 


Support made in ebony and ziricote wood

Handles made in ebony and ziricote wood

Blades in Damascus steel

Brass nickel finish Larusmiani logo applied on the support lower side

Made in Italy

Materials and care

Ebony macassar wood

Ziricote  wood 

Damascus steel



Length: 74 cm

Height: 51 cm

Thickness: 5,5 cm

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