Shaving Brush "I. Svevo"


Shaving brush in rosewood


The shaving brush “I. Svevo" is equipped with rosewood handle.The natural badger hair bristles will guarantee a comfortable shaving experience for many years to come.

Did you know that?

Italo Svevo was an italian playwright and writer. Tall with dark big moustache always well-groomed, he was one of the best representatives of the central european culture.


Rosewood Handle

Silvertip Badger-hair brush

Made in Italy

The colour and finishing of each handle varies due to its handmade character making every piece a "pièce unique".

Materials and care


Clean it with warm water

After use, place it with the bristles facing down to tap out excess water thus avoiding water stagnation inside the bristles

Never leave it under dry heat (for ex. the sun)

Keep it in a dry environment

Never leave it soaking in water

Avoid strong and abrasive detergents for the cleaning


Height: 10,5 cm

Handle Diameter: 2,3 cm

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