Roe Deer Wine Stopper "Petrus"


Cork Wine Stopper With Roe Deer Cap


The wine stopper "Petrus" is a nod to the world's finest wines and comes with a beautifully hand-finished roe deer cap, which varies in colour and finishing, due to the hand selection of the materials. The wine stopper is by a golden brass ring around the cork, ensuring longevity and a secure grip.


Cork with golden brass ring

Roe Deer Cap

Made in Italy

Materials and care



Roe Deer Antler

No roe deer is abused or deprived of his antlers in a violent way.

Each year the male roe deer spontaneously lose their antlers between October and November, the regrowth of the new antlers begins shortly after.


Total Height: 6 cm

Thickness: 2,5 cm

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