Poker Set "Royale-Les-Eaux"


Sycamore Poker Set


The masterfully handcrafted poker set "Royale-Les-Eaux" is named after the famous fictional town in Northern France featured in the infamous secret agent novels. The poker set is made of the finest lacquered sycamore wood and draws inspiration from the famous poker table introduction scene of cinemas' most renowned gentleman. The gold engraved iconic P99 and bullet-shaped key add a modern twist to the elegant set.

Stimulate your inner secret agent on game night.


Lacquered sycamore wood poker set

Golden inlay on the lid

Golden brass lock

Bullet shaped key.

312 unique Larusmiani chips

4 dice

2 gold-plated decks of cards.

Made in France

Materials and care

Sycamore Wood

Golden brass


Width: 48,5 cm

Height: 10,5 cm

Depth: 27 cm

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