Panettone Knife "Panetton"


Panettone Knife With Deer Antler Handle


The panettone knife "Panetton" – Milanese pronunciation of the iconic Christmas delicacy – was meticulously handcrafted by Italian artisans and is characterised by a high-grade stainless steel blade and deer antler handle. The "Panetton" is the perfect accompaniment for your yearly panettone rituals.


Stainless steel blade

Deer horn handle

Embossed Larusmiani Logo on the stainless steel frame

Made in Italy 

Materials and care

Stainless Steel

Deer Horn

No deer is abused or deprived of his antlers in a violent way.

Each year the male deer spontaneously lose their antlers between February and March, after the mating season, the regrowth of the new antlers begins shortly after.


Blade length 17.5 cm

Blade width 2.2 cm

Handle length 11 cm

Handle width 2.5 cm

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