Manicure Stand "Kruger"


Zebu Manicure Stand


The Manicure Stand "Kruger" is inspired by the countless safari adventures in the famous South African National Park. The Manicure Stand is made of meticulously hand-finished Zebu Cow Horn from Madagascar. The Manicure Stand holds two sets of scissor and nail tongs, one nail file- and cleaner made of the finest German Stainless Steel, to bring exotic adventures right in you and your partner's bathroom. 


2x Stainless Steel Scissor

2x Stainless Steel Nail Tong

Stainless Steel File

Stainless Steel Nail Cleaner

Stainless Steel Tweezers

Stand Made in Italy

Nail Tools Made in Germany

Fabric and care

Zebu Horn

Stainless Steel

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