Initial Firehead Dupont Lighter


Palladium Lighter


Symbol of class, elegance and style, the Dupont lighter combines altogether aesthetic perfection with the finesse of the material used, the palladium, included among the 5 more precious materials in the world. Showcasing triangle lines, it has the S.T. Dupont logo engraved o the upper side of the cover. Its famous “cling%E2%80%9D makes it a real cult object universally recognised by those who know and want to pass it from generation to generation.

Did you know that?

In the 1941 the company filed the patent for their fuel lighter. In the 1952 they launched a new gas lighter and in the 1966 the first lighter with adjustable flame


Palladium with triangle pattern

S.T. Dupont Paris logo engraved on the upper side of the cover

Made in Italy

Fabric and care



Length: 5,5 cm

Width: 3,5 cm

Depth: 1 cm

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