Cross “Castel del Monte“


Cross with Inlaid Blade


"The founder of Larusmiani, Guglielmo Miani Sr. was born in Andria, the famous city of the legendary and mysterious Castel Del Monte. Built by Federico the Second in the XIII Century, the architecture is filled with mathematical -and astrological signs, containing age-old knowledge and wisdom. Legend has it that this was also the meeting place of the Secret Order of the Templars. It is said that Knights and Templars always carried a cross for their own protection. At times the cross concealed a hidden blade."The Cross "Castel del Monte" commemorates the rich history and legends of the famous castle in Andria. The Celtic cross was meticulously handcrafted by a master artisan in Milan, following century old traditions. The "Castel del Monte" holds a hidden and extendible blade, made from the finest Damascus steel. The cross is made from solid silver, holding cabochon cut blue lapis lazuli and is characterised by detailed gold finishes. The handcrafted Damascus blade is held by a complex internal sliding mechanism, made of high-grade platinum.

Whether you consider yourself to be a templar or merely a urban jungle knight, the "Castel del Monte" is a testament of the art of true craftsmanship and a centerpiece in any collection.


Solid Silver Cross

Internal Platinum Sliding Mechanism

Gold Details and Engravings

Blue Cabochon cut Lapis Lazuli 

Handcrafted Damascus Blade

Solid Silver chain

Silver cross with blu lapis lazuli and hidden blade

Handmade in Italy

Materials and care

Lapis Lazuli


Solid Silver



Cross length: 7 cm

Cross width: 4.7 cm

Blade length: 4.5 cm

Blade width: 0.8 cm

Chain length: 90 cm

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