Calf Skin Leather Backpack


Calf Skin Leather Backpack


The "Lungta Lite" backpack is named after the center prayer flag on the Mount Everest camps, representing a horse that symbolises strength and positive transformation necessary to face nature's most hardest conditions. Made from the most precious calf leather, the “Lungta Lite%E2%80%9D is the perfect companion for an outdoor weekend.


Colour: Blue

Adjustable shoulder straps on the front

Side pockets

Embossed Larusmiani logo

Made in Italy

Materials and care

Calf leather *

Keep away from direct sunlight

Keep away from water

For best leather maintenance, always use specific leather caring products readily available on the market

* The calf leather used exclusively come from controlled breeding, from animals not protected by government laws since they are not under threat of extinction.


Height: 32 cm

Width: 40 cm

Dept: 20 cm