Box for Shoes “Sciuscià”


Box for Shoes


Box for shoes made from Makassar Ebony wood. The upper part is divided into three smaller covers; the center one is made of non-slip rubber to allow the shoes to be put on in case of cleaning or polishing them. The two sides cover two compartments divided by a removable tray. A very functional and of high quality object perfect for anyone who wants to take care of one’s shoes.

Did you know that?

In the years after World War II, the poor boys in Naples used to shine soldiers’ shoes thus changing the English name ‘shoe-shine’ to the napolitan sciuscià. The term had great success and spread all over Italy. Nowadays nobody talks about sciuscià but it remains a heritage of Italian culture.


Box made from Wengé wood

4 pots of shoe cream in different colours: black, brown and neutral

Shoelaces of different colours: black and brown

1 leather shoehorn

1 big polishing brush with ebony handle

1 short polishing brush with ebony handle

1 polish cloth

Made in Italy

Materials and care

Wengé wood


Non slipper rubber


Lenghth: 35,5 cm

Height: 15 cm

Width: 25 cm

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