Bottle Opener "Spuma"


Bottle Opener With Bamboo Handle


The bottle opener "Spuma" is in polished stainless steel with a highest quality bamboo handle.

Did you know that?

Italian soft drinks are part of the Italian cultural heritage, a piece of our history and popular tradition.
Made of carbonated water mixed with sugar and some aromas like elderflower, caramel, rhubarb extracts and a mix of herbs, the “Spuma" is one of the oldest and most appreciated italian carbonated beverage. Between 30’s and 80’s thanks also to its cheap price ,it became the typical popular soft drink apprecitaed by young and old. Excellent if consumed fresh, nowadays the spuma has come back into the italian market, very appreciated for an aperitif or a fresh break anytime of the day.


Bamboo Handle

Stainless Steel Opener

Made in Italy

Materials and care

Stainless Steel



Bottle opener length: 5 cm

Bottle opener width: 3 cm

Handle length: 9.5 cm

Handle width: 1.5 cm

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