Bottle Opener "Chinotto"


Bottle Opener With Buffalo Horn Handle


The bottle opener "Chinotto%E2%80%9D is in polished stainless steel with a buffalo horn handle.

Did you know that?

Italian soft drinks are part of the Italian cultural heritage, a piece of our history and popular tradition.
Chinotto has always been the Italian answer to the famous non-alcoholic american soft drink. Italian sparkling beverage with a dark colour and a bittersweet taste, it is produced from the juice of the citrus fruit named chinotto. Better if served fresh and with a slice of lemon, it is perfect as aperitif or during main meals.


Stainless Steel Opener

Buffalo Horn Handle

Made in Italy

Materials and care

Stainless Steel

Buffalo Horn *

* The horn of buffalo uses to manufacture our items exclusively comes from controlled breeding, from animals not protected by government laws since they are not under threat. These materials are entirely hand worked with only few electric tools.


Length Bottle opener: 5 cm

Width Bottle opener: 4 cm

Handle length: 9 cm

Handle width: 2 cm

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