Axe "Liten Norrland"


Carbon Steel Axe


The Axe "Liten Norrland" is inspired by the raw and unforgiving- yet breathtakingly beautiful nature of Northern Sweden and its legendary Viking tales. The compact axe is forged by Swedish artisans in Advanced High Strength Steel, giving the axe its contemporary durability and longevity. At the same time, the "Liten Norrland" respects and honours the century-old axe making tradition through traditional Hand Engraving and an engraved golden eye securing the head. The haft is made of meticulously hand-selected- and finished light curly birch, giving each axe an individual and unique look. 


Carbon Steel Hand Engraved Head

Gold Hand Engraved Eye

Light Curly Birch Haft

Black Leather Flap Blade Protection

Made in Sweden

Materials and care

Laminated Carbon Steel

Curly Birch



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