Roast Set “Domenica”


Roast set with white ox horn handle


The roast set  is characterised by striking hand-finished white ox horn handles and high-grade polished stainless steel blade and fork, ensuring lifelong durability. The set will elegantly elevate each barbecue seasons.

Did you know that?

The custom of bringing to the table every Sunday the roast with potatoes exists in italian families since the 60’s. It is such a strong tradition that in many cookbooks this second course is indicated under the name of “Sunday roast”. Made of beef or veal meat, the roast has always been considered, in many cultures, as the party dish.


Resealable knife

Knife and fork in polished stainless steel

Handle knife and fork in White Ox Horn

Made in Italy

Materials and care

White ox horn*

Stainless Steel

* The ox horn uses to manufacture our items exclusively comes from controlled breeding, from animals not protected by government laws since they are not under threat. These materials are entirely hand worked with only few electric tools


Open Knife Length: 30 cm

Fork Length: 25,5 cm


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