Pocket Knife "Tortuga"


Handmade Tortoiseshell Handle Pocket Knife


The Pocket Knife "Tortuga" is inspired by the green sea turtle majestically floating through the crystal clear waters of St. Barthélemy. The Pocket Knife was beautifully hand-crafted by a French artisan, carrying over the century old knife making tradition into the modern era. The blade is made from the highest-grade stainless steel, secured by an advanced spring-system that ensures extreme longevity.
The meticulously treated tortoiseshell handle is characterised by one-hundred-fifty-four carefully placed gold leaf-shaped screws on each side, adding an extra layer of pure elegance and sophistication. The "Tortuga" is the pinnacle of knife artisanry, made for kings and to be handed down over generations to come.

Due to the complex manufacturing, involving several months of work by artisans.


Embossed Emblem of the Artisan

Tortoiseshell Handle

Leaf-Shaped Gold Screws


Leather Case

Handmade in France

Materials and care

Turtle Shell *


Stainless Steel


* Larusmiani ensures, that all tortoiseshells used in manufacturing the knife are sourced from naturally deceased tortoises only and comes with a governmental confirmation document.


Blade length: 10 cm

Blade width: 1.6 cm

Handle length: 11 cm

Handle width: 1.5 cm

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