Folding Knife "Facette"


Folding Knife "Facette"


Folding knife with stainless steel blade and ox horn handle. The curvy and long shape handle together with the precious material used to manufacture it makes this knife a unique stylish and elegant accessory, ideal for attentive customers.


Ox horn handle in light colour

Stainless steel blade

Logo Larusmiani engraved on the blade

Made in France 

Materials and care

Ox horn*

Stainless steel

Never leave uder direct heat (sun for example)

Keep in a dry environment

Wash it with warm water and delicate soap

Never leave item soaking in water

Avoid chemicals strong detergents, abrasive cleaning materials or scrubbers

* The horn of ox uses to manufacture our items exclusively comes from controlled breeding, from animals not protected by government laws since they are not under threat. These materials are entirely hand worked with only few electric tools


Blade length: 12 cm

Blade width: 1,5 cm

Handle length: 15 cm

Handle width: 1,8 cm

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