Backgammon Set "Kamal Khan"


Sychamore Backgammon Set


The Backgammon Set is inspired by the tense backgammon game between the infamous secret agent and his opponent in Rajhastan, India. The handmade set is made of finest sycamore wood with the board covered in high quality calfskin leather, with vegetable dyeing, made by Florentine master tanners.

Call in your "player's privilege" and win every game with class and elegance.


External color: Black

Calfskin Leather Cover

Made in France

Materials and care

Sycamore Wood

Calfskin Leather *

* The calfskin that is marketed comes exclusively from controlled farms, they are not part of protected species and are not threatened with extinction.


Width: 54,5 cm

Height: 7 cm

Depth: 35,7 cm

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