Ashtray "Dunbar Copper"


Handmade Big Briar Root Ashtray with Copper Inlay


The handmade ashtray "Dunbar Copper" is inspired by the lead character in "Dances with Wolves", played by Kevin Costner and the expansive plains of the American Frontier. The "Dunbar Copper" is carved from a solid piece of briar root, which was beautifully hand-finished by Italian artisans. The polished copper inlay offers a luxurious bed for the ash of your Sunday cigar, or as a beautiful container of your everyday jewellery and car keys.


Solid Piece of Briar Root Wood

Embossed Larusmiani Emblem

Polished Copper Inlay

Handmade in Italy

Materials and care

Briar Root



Height: 5,5 cm

Total Diameter: 20 cm


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