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General Sales Conditions
Larus Miani S.r.l. 
General Sales Conditions (GSC) applicable to purchases made online on the website www.larusmiani.it

Larus Miani Srl, Via Ollearo n° 8, 20155 Milano, tel: +39 0276006957, +39 348 2264073, tax code and VAT no. 00776770158, e-mail: customer.service@larusmiani.it (“Larusmiani”) asks users to view these General Sales Conditions (“GSC”) governing the purchase of products and the management of orders placed on its website. 
Both "Larusmiani Products" and "Products sold by Larusmiani" are offered for sale on the website www.larusmiani.it. 
The term “Larusmiani Product(s)” refers to all products made by Larusmiani and offered for sale on the website www.larusmiani.it.
The term “Products sold by Larusmiani” refers to all products offered for sale on the website www.larusmiani.it which are not made by Larusmiani but are sold by it.

1. Conclusion of the contract and delivery of products

1.1 Every order placed on the website www.larusmiani.it implies conclusion of a contract of sale in the Italian language between the buyer and Larus Miani Srl, Via Ollearo n° 8, 20155 Milan (“Larusmiani”).

1.2 The customer may select one or more Products to purchase by placing the Products in a virtual shopping "cart", the contents of which may be reviewed before placing an Order.

1.3 By clicking on the “Buy now” button, the customer places an order for the items contained in the virtual cart. When the order is sent, the customer will receive an e-mail from Larusmiani confirming that the order has been received.

1.4 Larusmiani will notify the customer promptly in the event that the products ordered should be unavailable for reasons beyond Larusmiani’s control. In this case, Larusmiani will not be obliged to deliver the goods ordered, and shall promptly refund the customer any sums that may already have been paid.

2. Price, shipping costs and delivery

2.1 The customer must pay the price specified on the page of the product being purchased when submitting the order. The specified price is final and includes VAT. In the case non-EU nations, the customer will be required to pay customs duties and sales tax, calculated on the basis of the LARUSMIANI price list.

2.2 Shipping costs will be paid by Larusmiani and the goods will be delivered within a maximum of four working days, except for deliveries to islands and other hard-to-reach places where delivery within four days is not possible. Larusmiani delivers world-wide. If delivery time is expressed in terms of working days, these are defined as Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. LARUSMIANI will pay the cost of shipping to non-EU countries and the cost of shipping returns. 

2.3 Larusmiani will notify customers by e-mail when the goods have been shipped, providing a tracking number. 

3. Payment

3.1 Larusmiani accepts payment by credit card only. 

3.2 The customer’s credit card will be charged when the order is submitted to Larusmiani. 

3.3 The purchaser consents to receiving invoices in electronic form.

4. Right to cancellation

The customer is entitled to cancel all orders for the purchase of products placed on the website www.larumiani.it without providing justification. In order to do so, the customer must send an explicit declaration to Larusmiani as described in points 4.1. and 4.2. The customer must return the products with the original invoice, following the return instructions provided by Customer Service, which should be contacted at customer.service@larusmiani.it following the instructions provided below.

4.1 Information on the right to cancellation. The customer is entitled to cancel the contract, without specifying the reason, within 30 days of the date on which the last of the goods in the order are received by the customer or by a third party other than the courier designated by the customer to receive the goods. To exercise this right to cancellation, the customer must send an explicit declaration of his or her intention to cancel to Larusmiani at the e-mail address customer.service@larusmiani.it, the number +39 348 2264073, or the postal address Via Ulderico Ollearo n°.8, 20155 Milan. This may be done using the standard cancellation form downloadable from the link below to one of these addresses. Though use of the standard form is not obligatory, the law requires a standard form to be provided. Larusmiani will promptly send confirmation when notification of cancellation is received. The deadline for cancellation shall be considered met if the customer sends the declaration of intention to cancel prior to the deadline of 30 days after the date on which the customer physically received the last of the goods ordered. If the contract included multiple goods ordered by the customer in a single order but delivered separately, the deadline of 30 days will be calculated from the date on which the customer comes into physical possession of the last of the goods.

4.2 Effects of cancellation Following cancellation of the contract of purchase, Larusmiani will refund all payments made by the customer without delay, and in all cases no later than 14 days after the date on which Larusmiani receives the customer’s notification of his or her decision to exercise the right to cancellation, provided that the conditions specified below for the return of the goods and the condition of the goods are met. The refund will be made using the form of payment the customer used to pay for the purchase. In no case shall the customer be required to bear any costs as a result of the refund. The refund may be suspended until Larusmiani receives the products to be returned or the customer demonstrates that the goods have been shipped, if prior to this. 

The customer must return the products without undue delay, and in all cases within 30 days of the date of declaration of the decision to cancel the contract of sale. 

Products must be returned
-correctly wrapped in their original packaging; they must not be damaged, destroyed or soiled, and must be returned complete with all accessories, tags, instruction booklets and other documents

- with the shipping document and receipt (contained in the original package), to allow Larusmiani to identify the customer (order number, name, surname and address); 

- without any evident signs of wear other than those resulting from trying on the garment in the normal way (they must not show signs of prolonged wear, or wear beyond the amount of time necessary to try them on, and must not be in a condition precluding resale).

If the product returned does not meet these requirements, it cannot be returned. The cost of returning the goods will be borne by Larusmiani provided the customer follows the required shipping procedure, uses the return slip supplied by Larusmiani, and ships the goods from the country to which they were delivered. If this is not the case, the cost of return shipment must be paid by the customer. The customer shall be liable for any decrease in the value of the goods which may result from handling beyond than that necessary to determine the nature, properties and functioning of the product.

4.3 In the case of orders placed in non-EU countries, LARUSMIANI agrees to refund the entire amount minus order management and restocking stocks, equal to 20%.

5. Customer Service

Customers may contact Larusmiani’s Customer Service office in relation to any issues involved in product purchases on the website www.larusmiani.it by telephone at +39 348 2264073 between 10.30 am and 7.00 pm, Monday to Friday, or by e-mail at customer.service@larusmiani.it 

6. Guarantee against product flaws and nonconformities, and additional information

6.1 Purchases made on www.larusmiani.it shall be subject to the provisions of the Italian Consumer Code concerning guarantees covering product flaws and nonconformities. The customer shall enjoy the rights identified in art. 130 of the Consumer Code, which may be exercised as described in art. 132 of the Code. 

6.2 These General Sales Conditions are available for consultation on the website www.larusmiani.it 

6.3 Details of the order may be filed using the appropriate browser command to save the order summary that appears in the final screen in the purchasing procedure, or you may wait to receive the automatic order confirmation message Larusmiani will send by e-mail after fulfilling your order. This confirmation message includes details of the order and Larusmiani’s General Sales Conditions, and can easily be printed or saved to your device using the functions provided in your e-mail program.

7. Applicable law

7.1 These General Sales Conditions and contracts of sale are subject to Italian law (and specifically the Consumer Code, the provisions of which regulate distance contracts in articles 46 through 67, and Legislative Decree 70 of 09/04/2003 concerning e-commerce) and must be interpreted in the light thereof. 

7.2 In the event that any dispute may arise in connection with the General Sales Conditions and/or contracts of sale, customers may begin an out-of-court dispute settlement procedure in compliance with the requirements of art. 141 et seq. of the Consumer Code. In the event that the customer should begin this procedure, Larusmiani guarantees that it will participate in an attempt at friendly settlement, which the user may file with RisolviOnline, an independent institutional dispute settlement service provided by the Arbitration Chamber of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan.

Larus Miani Srl,
Via Ollearo n° 8, 
20155 Milano

Company registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and the Economic and Administrative Index (R.E.A.) at no. 767636

Register of Companies / Tax Code /VAT no.: IT 00776770158 

Legal Representative: Guglielmo Miani

Last updated: 9 November 2018