Rib Knife "Tajima"


Rib Knife with Cocobolo Wood Handle


The rib knife "Tajima" is named after the famous Kobe beef cattle, producing the finest beef in the world. The "Tajima" is characterised by striking hand-finished cocobolo wood handle and high-grade polished stainless steel blade, ensuring lifelong durability. The sharp part is ideal for precisely cutting meat, while the opposite side can be used to stamp it into razor-thin pieces.

The "Tajima" will elegantly elevate each barbecue seasons for years to come. 

Did you know that?

Cocobolo is an orange/reddish brown wood coming from the Centre of America. The colour and traces weaving through the wood are different from a tree to another one and the colour of the wood also changes over the time because of the oxidation process.


Cocobolo Wood Handle With Tailored Grip

Multifunctional, two-sided Stainless Steel Blade

Made in France

Materials and care

Cocobolo Wood

Stainless Steel


Total width: 37,5 cm

Blade height: 12,8 cm

Blade depth: 0,4 cm

Handle depth: 2,3 cm

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