The Interview
The Interview

Elective affinities

hat are your elective affinities?


Aldo – “First of all, the love for our work. You and I are courious, active and sharp-witted. We’re hungry. I was very hungry when I was young. You have the same hunger, the same enthusiasm to do things, and this is an excellent starting point.”

Guglielmo - “What you are telling me is very important. We have to transmit our way of seeing and doing things, our passion.”

unctionality vs Aesthetics

Guglielmo – “For Larusmiani I always want to focus intensly on everything, on every detail of the garment with obsessive attention – the belt loop, the secret pocket, even the seagull embroidered inside in place of an ordinary label. Certainly, they’re details, but to me they are details that make the difference.”


Aldo – “It’s certainly nota s if you just wake up one morning like that, there’s a reason. And the reason is knowledge. To know, to understand the how and why of things you have to be courious, to study, to have travelled the world, and I acquired a wealth of experience that formed the basis to start creating, shaping and building. I am no Leonardo da Vinci. I haven’t discovered anything new, I worked on and developed what other invented and I offered it at the right time.”


Guglielmo – “You and I have similar ways of dealing with things.”


Aldo – “we’re ninty-nine point nine per cent similar, the difference is that you also have to focus on the new, you have to be original and amazing, otherwise your business dies. In my field, I deal with useful objects. For example, the blade of certain knives has to be thin, with a concave cutting edge and a thick spine. Such qualities can be appreciated only if someone is able to explain them. So my work is nothing more than this – seventy per cent functionality and thirty per cent looks. Beauty is the salt of life. A little salti s good for you, too much is bad. I added a pinch of salt.”


othing ventured, nothing gained


Guglielmo – “It’s not uniqueness that makes the difference. It’s the will to strive for the very best in everything that makes for uniqueness. “


Aldo – “That’s why I chose you. Because you are the only sharp-witted, careful and corageous person who can take this project forward. I want poeple to learn how to get a feel for worlds. Taking pleasure in know how is in our DNA and this love should be passed on.”


Guglielmo – “And we are ready!”


Aldo – “My field, like yours, is complicated. We have to be handers-on of this know how. For example, if I now wanted to make clothes like those by Larusmiani, where would I find Vicuna, cashmere or fine cottons? There are lots of things I don’t know!”


Guglielmo – “Ahahah, I can give you a crash course if you like!”


Aldo –“Ahahah, I believe in you and I am sure we could manage it together. On the other hand, what do they say? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

Love Affair


Guglielmo – “You are a master, an endless source of surprise!”


Aldo – “Like when your grandfather talked about cashmere! We certainly didn’t tell stories! When a gentleman tidies his hair with one of my brushes in the morning, it’s a dual pleasure, because not only does it brush well, he knows why it brushes well. In the same way you get pleasure from wearing one of your jackets.”


Guglielmo – “Because I know all the steps that go into handcrafting it.”


Aldo – “We have to make people fall in love with the how and why behind an object, not just the object itself. And that’s why there’s a long way to go.”


Guglielmo – “And that’s our way. Of two people in love with what they do. A real man knows and is master of himself. He knows the rules and has fun playing with them. “

Aldo – “ We have to transmit a message.”

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