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Lorenzi by Larusmiani
Lorenzi by Larusmiani

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Aldo Lorenzi e Guglielmo Miani | Larusmiani
Aldo Lorenzi and Guglielmo Miani
Aldo Lorenzi and Guglielmo Miani More Less

The wide range of precious accessories from Aldo Lorenzi find their new home in the historic Larusmiani Boutique on Via Montenapoleone 7. From knives, to tableware, from smoking articles and toiletry, to shaving tools. Each piece is handmade by expert artisans, who carefully select natural materials to create the ideal match of aesthetics and functionality. This perfectly blends in with Larusmiani’s sartorial tradition, maniacal care of the details, pure excellence and craftsmanship of "true handmade”. Guglielmo Miani and Aldo Lorenzi: the innate and conscious elegance of two men who play with the essence of style and break the rules.


Guglielmo Miani – “Aldo Lorenzi has taught me the importance of dreaming and be concrete at the same time. A master with whom I share the enthusiasm of making the impossible possible and the passion for real things: uniqueness can only be noticed in the creation of the best, remaining true to the past, but with a contemporary approach. "

Aldo Lorenzi – “When I was a kid only a few people could afford the luxury of cutting a steak with a particularly nice, functional knife. Nowadays the choice is very wide, but it is also easier that appearance prevails. Guglielmo Miani is one of the few, who appreciates authenticity, combined with the beauty and depth of knowledge. That's why I found it natural to convey to him all the work experience I had gained during my years of work. “


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