Floating Keychain “Vespucci”


Floating Silver Keychain


The floating keychain „Vespucci” draws inspiration from the Florentine merchant and explorer Amerigo Vespucci and his adventures at sea.
The keychain is made from the finest 925 silver and the natural cork ring will keep your precious keys afloat during boat adventures. The "Vespucci" keychain can be personalized with an engraving of the owner's boat upon request.

Did you know that?

Most of the cork oaks grow around the Mediterranean basin; in Italy mainly of them are located in Sardinia and Tuscany.


Engraved Larusmiani Emblem

Materials and care

925 Silver

Stainless Steel

Natural Cork

Always use a very soft cloth to polish it to avoid any kind of abrasion.

For best maintenance, always use specific silver caring products readily available on the market.


Circumference: 19.5 cm

Height: 3.5 cm

Total length: 11 cm