Cigar Cutter "Antoinette"


Sterling Silver Multi-Tool Cigar Cutter


The Cigar Cutter "Antoinette" is inspired by the elegant and sophisticated, yet extravagant personality of Marie Antoinette. The case of the "Antoinette" is made of the finest sterling silver and holds a beautiful "tapisserie" pattern, meticulously hand engraved  by the French artisans at Elio Pernet. 

Grimly appropriate, the "Antoinette", holds a guillotine-shaped cigar cutter, supported by a cigar punch and two knifes, all made of high-grade stainless steel. Hence, the multi-tool "Antoinette" is the perfect high-end accessory in every smoking room. 


Sterling Silver "Tapisserie" Case

Stainless Steel Guillotine Cutter

Stainless Steel Punch

Two Stainless Steel Knives

Made in France

Materials and care

Sterling Silver 

Stainless Steel