Truffle Set “Moscato”


Handmade Three-piece Truffle Set


The Three-Piece Truffle Set "Moscato"comes with a unique brown ebony wood base and crystal cloche with a ebony handle. The ebony handle truffle slicer is made of the highest grade stainless steel and the boar bristle brush is made of ebony, completing the luxurious set. The “Moscato" turns every kitchen into a banquet room, that even celebrity chefs will envy.

Did you know that?

In Italy it is always possible to collect truffles, unless at the end of April. Traditionally, small pigs were used for the extraction of truffles, later prohibited because of damage caused to the environment.


Three-piece truffle set

Hickory wood Base

Ebony handle stainless steel truffle slicer

Ebony handle crystal cloche

Made in Italy

Materials and care


Stainless Steel


Total Height: 14,5 cm

Total Width: 19,5 cm

Total Lenght: 25 cm

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