Picnic Umbrella "Déjeuner Sur L'Herbe"


Picnic Umbrella

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The Picnic Umbrella "Déjeuner Sur L'Herbe" is a perfectly elegant addition to the corresponding Picnic Set, inspired by Manet's infamous oil painting of a lush and extravagant countryside picnic. The portable picnic umbrella is made of highly polished brass, supported by a shaft and handle made of the finest chestnut to guarantee longevity and an impeccable appearance. The chestnut handle can be removed to conveniently place the umbrella anywhere in the countryside, guaranteeing protection from sun and rain during a chic picnic. 

Did you know that?

The umbrella was invented to protect oneself from sunlight no rain. It seems that it was used first by Chinese in the XII century a.C. In the XIX century, the parasol, together with the hat and the bag, became the first example of female empowerment related to the outdoor life, not home life.


Colour: Yellow and Red Striping

Polished Brass and Chestnut Shaft

Polished Brass and Chestnut Handle

Polished Brass plate  Larusmiani Emblem

Made in Italy

Materials and care

Chestnut Wood




Total Umbrella Length with Handle: 105 cm

Open Umbrella Diameter: 134 cm

Length only stick with tip: 96 cm

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