Nougat Slicer "Torrer"


Nougat Slicer With Deer Antler Handle 


The elegant nougat slicer "Torrer",is characterised by a meticulously polished high-grade stainless steel blade and a hand-finished deer antler handle, held by a high polished stainless steel knob.

Did you know that?

The nougat is a classic italian sweet typical of the christmas period, often studded with almonds, walnuts, peanuts or roasted nuts. The name comes from the latin verb torrēre that means to toast with reference to the toasted dry fruit inside it.


Made in Italy

Materials and care

Stainless Steel

Deer Horn *

Never leave item under direct heat (sun for example)

Keep in a dry environment

Never use dishwasher

Wash it with warm water and delicate soap

Never leave item soaking in water

Avoid chemicals, strong detergents, abrasive cleaning materials or scrubbers

* No deer is abused or deprived of his antlers in a violent way. Each year the male deer spontaneously lose their antlers between February and March, after the mating season, the regrowth of the new antlers begins shortly after.


Blade length 5 cm

Blade width 10 cm

Handle length 5 cm

Handle width 4 cm

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